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Panel Discussions : Marketing

HBS - Aldrich 112 February 7, 2016 10:30 am - 11:20 am

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Babita Baruah
Jessie Paul
Nima Srinivasan
Rajat Mehta
Satyaki Ghosh

India Matters: Making sense of a billion minds, needs and wallets

Is India one nation that’s truly united by our love for cricket, food, fairness creams, arguments and Bollywood? Or is it two or more Indias that defy universal truths? Could it be the “great BRICS hope” or will it be bogged down by chaos and corruption? It sometimes makes little sense even to insiders, echoing the confusion and stereotypes held by outsiders.

Regardless of what one believes is going on in India, most people agree that it’s complex and not always easy to peg accurately . So what does all of this mean in 2016 and beyond? What do poverty, prosperity, tradition and modernity look like today? How can we get past the numbing clichés and zero in on what marketers on the ground truly see? Should we really be proud of… or hate on concepts like ‘jugaad’? Whom or what should we care about in the “marketing now?” The marketing panel will try and make sense of this intriguing tease of attitudes, values and behaviors. Join the panel to see what’s exciting, affirming, infuriating and inspiring in the field of Indian marketing today.