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Bhavya Bishnoi

Politician & Vice Chairman, Bhajan Global Impact Foundation

Bhavya Bishnoi is Vice Chairman at Bhajan Global Impact Foundation (BGIF), a think-and-do tank based in the national capital region of India that aims to tackle pressing social and economic challenges through strategic partnerships, community engagement, evidence-based research, and high-impact interventions. Bhavya was also the youngest candidate for the Indian Parliament to have run on a national party ticket in May 2019, and also the first candidate to have developed a comprehensive manifesto for his constituency, Hisar (Haryana). Prior to this, Bhavya co-led several social impact projects during the Leadership Development Programme at the Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF) in India. This included driving Global Citizen India, a citizens’ movement at the confluence of public policy and popular culture that raised more than US$ 6 billion in commitments towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Bhavya holds a Master’s degree from Oxford University (UK), and a BSc in Government and Economics from LSE (UK). He has a particular interest in combating human-induced climate change, and is a lifelong student of public policy and economics.