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Yashica Dutt


Yashica Dutt is a journalist and the author of Coming Out as Dalit. She spent a decade covering arts, culture, and fashion in New Delhi and a lifetime hiding her Dalitness to pass as ‘upper’ caste. Until she ‘came out’ as Dalit in a Facebook note and wrote a book that’s part non-fiction, part-memoir and wholly a scathing account of how the caste system operates and affects Dalits in today’s India. Hint: brutally. Her work explores the intersection of caste, class, and gender and seeks to expose caste as the ‘the invisible arm that turns the gears in nearly every system in India’. Coming Out as Dalit has received immense critical acclaim from the press and the readers. It has been called an “Eye Opening Contribution to Dalit Literature” and a book that will likely play “a major role in influencing the Millennial expression on being a Dalit.” Dutt graduated from Columbia Journalism School and lives in New York. She is planning to soon release Coming Out as Dalit worldwide.